The listed prices are indicative only because the final price calculation always depends on the specific translation project. If you are interested in translation or interpreting, contact me and we will definitely reach a satisfactory price offer.


Language combination Price per word Price per standard page
Slovak – English  0.06 € 15.00 €
English – Slovak  0.054 € 13.50 €

The rates are different when requesting express translation and also depend on the deadline that you – as a client – request. The quality of the original is also important (non-editable document, incomprehensible text, etc.).

Interpreting prices (regardless of the direction of interpreting)

Interpreting type Price for 1 hour Price for the whole day (8 hours)
Simultaneous interpreting 40.00 € 320.00 €
Consecutive interpreting 30.00 € 240.00 €
Minimum interpreting fe 70.00 €  
Interpreting within a foreign trip TBA TBA
Interpreting for several days TBA TBA

The price of interpreting again depends on the real complexity of the topic, the length of preparation needed – for highly specialized topics, a several-day study of relevant materials is required. We should not forget that interpreters aren’t machines – they need to eat, in the case of longer-term interpreting outside the place of residence also sleep somewhere. All these costs are included in the final price.